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UNCSA: Outdoor lessons in 2020...


The University of North Carolina School for the Arts is NC's premier destination for aspiring performers. When you come to study at UNCSA we will discuss topics pertaining to the 4 key elements of success in instrumental playing (rhythm, intonation, sound, style), discuss and establish healthy playing habits (warm-up/routine), explore the characteristic solos, etudes, and excerpts for your instrument, develop the psychological skills of a performer, and learn how to walk the path to winning auditions. The UNCSA tuba euphonium studio seeks to create a welcoming, diverse environment, that provides a community of players who are also working hard to support and challenge you during your time at UNCSA. Contact me here or visit our website.


Currently I am only offering online lessons but these have been proving very effective with many students reporting positive results despite the challenges of the online format. One of the things I enjoyed during my time as a student was getting a lesson from my teacher in the same room where I practiced, which was true during my time at Curtis, U of O, and Peabody. It is remarkably helpful to learn to make the sound and then come back to practice it in the exact same space. I have found just this one detail to be of remarkable value. My fee for online lessons is $80 for an hour (payable via paypal)

While I currently teach at UNCSA my previous teaching position was at Towson University where I revived the Towson University Tuba and Euphonium ensemble with the help of my friend Dr. Chris Cicconi. Towson is located outside Baltimore, MD and while in the area I performed with the Baltimore Symphony for three seasons as Acting Principal Tuba and was even appointed as the instructor of Tuba at the Peabody Conservatory shortly before winning my audition for the NC Symphony. I have taught at the Performing Arts Institute in Kingston, PA in the summers and have reviewed auditions for NYO-USA and NYO2 since their inception. I have offered masterclasses at the Tidewater Brass Festival, Eastern Music Festival, Ithaca University, University of Oregon, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, UNCSA, and Towson University and work with elementary through high school students regularly through my work at the NC Symphony and in my private teaching. I have also worked with adult students of all ages and enjoy meeting new enthusiastic amateur brass folks everywhere I go!