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I am continuing to offer lessons online via zoom and have resumed teaching in-person lessons in Durham, NC. Lessons are $80 for an hour (in person or online). Please contact me here to set up a lesson. 

In addition to my performing work I am committed to working to enrich and support our diverse tuba and euphonium community as a teacher. I enjoy working with players of all levels and backgrounds and am willing to create accommodations for players who might require a sliding scale for lesson payments. 

I do a lot of work with players who are preparing audition materials and am always happy to dive into that process. I am most passionate about working with college level players but have done a lot of work with professional and amateur players alike. I enjoy challenging high school and middle school level players to approach their training with a similar level of artistic excellence as their older peers, while accommodating the important stages of development in their playing.

My teaching style is rooted in the training and instruction I received from my own teachers, several of whom were students of the great Arnold Jacobs. Jacobs was the legendary tubist of the Chicago Symphony in the mid 20th century and was a prolific teacher of brass musicians for his whole career. Though I never studied with Jacobs, my teachers Michael Grose, David Fedderly, and Richard Frazier were among his students and I absorbed their affinity for Song and Wind. I continue to work with David Fedderly who has been an important mentor and teacher to me and helped me audition successfully for my job in NC (as well as several others).


I also spent meaningful time with two notable players who did not come out of the Chicago school: Paul Krzywicki and Warren Deck. From Paul I learned much about articulation and clarity, as well as the importance of diversifying your musical intake and developing a passion for studying the score . Working with Warren was a continuous revelation about mastering the instrument, working within a section, subdividing and managing rhythm, and winning auditions. He continues to be a guiding light in my work, as do all my teachers (for whom I will always be grateful!).

I have been teaching studio lessons for over fifteen years, including two college teaching positions at UNCSA and Towson University and have extensive experience teaching tuba and euphonium students of all ages. I spent two summers at the Performing Arts Institute in Kingston, PA teaching high school tuba and euphonium players in lessons, masterclasses and chamber music coaching. I also continue to review auditions for NYO-USA and NYO2 which I have enjoyed doing since their inception in 2012 and 2013. I have offered masterclasses at the Tidewater Brass Festival, Eastern Music Festival, Ithaca University, University of Oregon, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, UNCSA, University of Washington and Towson University. Please get in touch through my contacts section for inquiries about masterclasses or lessons.

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