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Recent cool stuff: Weird pandemic creativity allowed us to make a six tuba version of Jurassic Park - if you listen carefully you can hear modern day dinosaurs tweeting outside Aaron's poolhouse. People keep asking me to podcast with them (which i obviously love) and I've posted most of them here: most recent episode is with BIVA broadcasts and my good friend Sam Ambrose. From the archives: my podcast episode with Lance Laduke and Andrew Hitz; tweet at them about your box of mouthpiece. Also my episode with my pal Justin Lerma on the Business Lieder pod. Here's where to find my article on Symphony Fantastique from the ITEA journal back in August 2018 . I am teaching zoom lessons online. Send me a message and check out my teaching section. I don't do much social media because I think it's the worst, apologies if you have tried to follow me etc!

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