Recent cool stuff: Come study with me and some of my good friends who are also your favorite tuba/euph players at our first ever BACK TO SCHOOL TUNE-UP with the pros: A week of online masterclasses and lessons August 3-9. New podcast interview with Justin Lerma is up on the Business Lieder Podcast. I love podcasts and it has been fun to be on some of the tuba nerd ones. STUDENTS: I will be joining the faculty teaching Tuba and Euph at UNCSA in Winston-Salem starting fall of 2020! If you are a student interested in auditioning for the UNCSA tuba/euph studio I would love to connect with you! Send a message here. From th archives: check out my podcast episode with Lance Laduke and Andrew Hitz and tweet at them about your mouthpiece box. Here's where to find my article on Symphony Fantastique from the ITEA journal back in August 2018 (have to be a member to read but DM me if really interested). Need a lesson? I'm teaching online. Send me a message and check out my teaching section.

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